Kandatsu Manja

So this is me – Manja, 39 years old, mother of two lively children.

I founded Kandatsu a few years ago. Kandatsu is a tiny little children’s fashion label in Düsseldorf which has made it its business to make children’s clothing more beautiful. I like simple and clear designs. For Kandatsu, the first priority is that the clothing does not restrict and disguise. It should be 100% child-friendly.

As material I exclusively use fabrics from controlled organic aggriculture. As far as I can, I use fabrics that are certified with the Global Organic Textile Standard. Who would like to know more about this certificate, can inform itself on the homepage gladly:


It all started with a small Dawanda shop, then an international Etsy shop was added and now for over two years a real own local store. If the shop is a bit too far away for you, you can order here on the site.

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